Monday, January 17, 2011

Levels of Enthusiasm . . .

I find myself eating to survive vs. eating to enjoy. This is good . . . right? Well news flash people! We must be excited about what we are putting in our mouths! I can't say this enough . . . COLORS, COLORS, COLORS! Fill your plate with all the colors of the rainbow when it comes to fruits and vegetables. Anything beige is boring! WOW! Has anyone else noticed how excited I sound about food? Yes, I said sound! This level of enthusiasm drives me INSANE! Is this normal? YES! Get excited about your diet. When we are excited about food, we care what we are eating! I honestly feel like this is the healthy golden ticket!

Make a plan for the week before you grocery shop. Have healthy snacks and good old fashion H2O on hand. (Trust me, you will thank me when that packed snack has been riding around in your car for a month and all of a sudden you get a hunger pain you haven't had in forever!) No drive thru needed . . . keep driving!



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